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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Korean drama covers!

I've found it hard to find kdrama dvd covers on the net so i thought i would share some here:

I'm sorry I love you- One of my favourite dramas, not to say the favourite. I remember staying up the whole night watchind it and getting depressed the whole week after.I would recommend it to everyone!Here is a custom made cover by me.^^

The show queen - Huynbin is extremely suave here changing from his homeless-bum to bodyguard driver look!Reminds me of Bi in A love to kill. They wore the same outfit at one point!Have to find it.

Goong- I never understood the hype about this.I've started to watch the first three episodes and never continued after that.Maybe it's because the lead actors are not very appealing to me in my opinion.I know that the girl (Yoon Hee?) is extremely popular but for some reason i can't stand her and I'll refuse to watch her dramas.Please don't kill me
More covers will updated soon.What i do is i use CoverXP to print them, you cut them out and it fits perfect into a DVD box. : D

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