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Friday, May 30, 2008

Witch yoo hee Ost

01. oon myung eh jang nan - MC Jinri (feat. HaHa)
02. If - Jun Hye Bin
03. geu ge mal ee jyo - Tree Bicycle
04. Day By Day - Jo Kwan Woo
05. sarang ah nae ge oh gi man hae (Part1) - Ashily
06. Destiny - Lee Sung Wook
07. sarang eun uh ryuh wuh - Park Chae Won
08. Memories - Kim Yoo Kyung
09. geu rae - Na Chang Hyun
10. sarang ah nae ge oh gi man hae (Part2) - Ashily
11. Just Like Destiny (Inst.)
12. Run And Run (Inst.)
13. sarang eul mol ra (Inst.)
14. sarang ee him deul ddae (Inst.)
15. yo ri Cook (Inst.)
16. jwa choong woo dol (Inst.)
17. Love Lesson (Inst.)
18. goot se uh ra haeng jin gok (Inst.)
19. Destiny Adagio (Inst.)


valsim said...

i love this drama!!

and the 5th soundtrack is really nice~~ been tryin to look for it for months...
finally got it here! thanks! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for posting this OST! Just in case anyone wants the track listings in Korean:

01. 운명의 장난 - MC진리(Feat.하하)
02. If - 전혜빈
03. 그게 말이죠 - Tree Bicycle
04. Day By Day - 조관우
05. 사랑아 내게 오기만 해(Part1) - Ashily
06. Destiny - 이성욱
07. 사랑은 어려워 - 박채원
08. Memories - 김유경
09. 그래 - 나창현
10. 사랑아 내게 오기만해(Part2) - Ashily
11. Just Like Destiny (Inst.)
12. Run And Run (Inst.)
13. 사랑을 몰라 (Inst.)
14. 사랑이 힘들 때 (Inst.)
15. 요리 (Inst.)
16. 左충右돌 (Inst.)
17. Love Lesson (Inst.)
18. 굳세어라 행진곡 (Inst.)
19. Destiny Adagio (Inst.)

Anonymous said...

maybe its late..but i just finished watching this muvie..i like dis muvie much.and the 'destiny' song..really touching my heart..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the full YUHEE, THE WITCH download!!! KAM -SA-HA-MI-DA!!!

ivabella said...

eeewwww i love this drama alot...

i love jae-hee, he's so funny..
love all his drama..

saranghae oppa :)

Anonymous said...

love it:)

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